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Nepal – Canberra Portrait Photographer


It’s been way too long since I posted on my blog but I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of my Nepal Images with you all. For those of you who don’t know I travelled to Nepal earlier this year to run a photography project with Asha Nepal – a foundation that rescues and rehabilitates girls that have been sex trafficked. It was an amazing experience and opportunity for me and one that I will never forget. I’m hoping to return to Nepal next year and run the project again.

Here are a few images that I took in my down time over. It’s a feast for photographers over there – so many vibrant colours and buildings – amazing people and scenery! I fell in love with Nepal and I’m sure you can see why.

Some of these images I entered in the State and National awards and. See if you can guess which ones!

Ladies in Nepal - Canberra portrait photography

lighting candles in Nepal - Canberra Photographer - Portrait

Little girl near Chitwan Nepal - Canberra Photography kids portraits

Mother and children in Nepal - Australian Portrait Photographer

Nepali Man - Canberra Portrait Photography

Asha Nepal Charity Event – Canberra Portrait Photographer

Asha Nepal, Snowgum Studio - Canberra Portrait Photographer

I’m a Canberra Portrait Photographer and have been around many years. I’ve photographed hundred’s of weddings, pregnancies, newborn’s, baby’s, kids, tweens, teens, couples and everything else in between. I feel very blessed to be doing a job I love – photographing the connections that people have with each other. Every day I get to photograph families smiling, loving, sharing and just being.

After travelling to Nepal earlier this year and also my recent trip around Australia I realised how lucky I am to live where I do and have the life I have. As a Canberra Photographer I get to work and live in one of the most beautiful and prosperous places in the world. We might get annoyed with our Telstra Service (as I did this week) or how someone cut us off whilst we were driving or that Barista that was just too slow to make our coffee – when in reality there are millions of people around the world who are worried about just one thing – how they are going to keep themselves and their families alive.

As a mother I am also lucky to be blessed with three healthy, independent young men who’s futures will only be limited by their dreams and drive. I have lived in a bubble for a long time in Canberra and my Nepal project opened my eyes to the poverty and issues that many families face around the world. Can you imagine your daughter, sister, niece, grand daughter or friend being sold or taken as a sex slave at 10 years of age – servicing 10, 20, 30 men a day. I can’t even start to comprehend what these young girls have been through. It is all too easy to hear these stories and turn a blind eye to them. Is it because we’re indifferent? I think not. I think that these atrocities are just so horrific that we dare not to even think of them – how could any one do such a thing to another beautiful human being? It is time for all of us to take off our rose coloured glasses and face the truth – THIS IS HAPPENING – EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY – TO THOUSANDS OF GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD ( 8,000 – 12,000 every year in Nepal alone. We can make a difference by speaking out and helping to raise funds for organisations that are dedicated to helping these girls.

To find out more about the sex trafficking in Nepal click HERE

The good news is that Asha Nepal is a charity organisation that is rescuing and helping young girls that have been victims of sex trafficking. I have seen first hand the wonderful work they do for these girls and the positive impact they have on their lives. To rescue a girl from sex trafficking, house, educate and train her so that she can be independent is truly life changing. To continue with their work Asha Nepal needs help from people like you. You don’t need to donate a lot of money – every bit helps and yes YOU can make a difference to the lives of these girls.

IF YOU LOVE TO SHOP THEN THIS IS THE CHARITY EVENT FOR YOU. BLUE ILLUSION (French inspired women’s fashion) has generously offered to help us with some much needed fundraising….So Ladies get out your credit cards, because on Friday 16th August from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, Blue Illusion, Canberra Centre, Manuka and Woden will be donating 20% of all sales to Asha Nepal. We will be at the Canberra Centre store with Amanda and the team supplying you with canapes and wine, so come along and help us out while having a fab time.

If you need any more information please feel free to call me on (02) 6235 0005 or 0411 269 103.

I hope to see you there on Friday!



Steve and Jess get married – Canberra wedding and portrait photographer

I was a little worried about the weather on Jess and Steve’s wedding day but mother nature didn’t disappoint. We had to contend with the occasional gust of wind but the rain held off.

Jess and Steve decided to host their wedding at the gorgeous Crackenback Resort. I’ve done a few weddings here and never tire of the breathtaking views. It is truly a beautiful part of the world.

It was apparent right from the start that Jess had an amazing eye for detail and put a lot of time and thought into the little extras on the day – right down to the two little picture frames on her bouquet that were of her grandparents that had passed away. I loved her sense of style and knew from the start that we were going to get some gorgeous images.

Steve has a passion for fishing so of course we had to have a little play with the giant rod at Crackenback – I’m thinking that he hit the jackpot that day – catching his beautiful bride!

I’ve posted some images from the wedding for you and I’m sure you will see that it was a fun day full of love and happiness. Wishing Steve and Jess a wonderful, happy life together. xoxo

Wedding photography, Wedding dress

Canberra Wedding Photographer

Bride, bridesmaids, canberra wedding photographer

Bride, wedding photography, Crackenback Resort, Canberra

Weddings Crackenback Resort, Canberra Wedding Photographer

Crackenback Resort Wedding

Crackenback Resort, Canberra Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom, Crackenback Wedding Photography

Crackenback Weddings, Photography by Snowgum Studio Canberra

Crackenback Wedding, Canberra Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Bride, Crackenback Wedding, Canberra Wedding Photographer

Crackenback Wedding Photography, Canberra Photographer

Crackenback Wedding, Photography by Snowgum Studio, Canberra

Crackenback Wedding, Cake, Photography by Snowgum Studio Canberra

Merry Christmas – Canberra Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

What can I say. I’m so lucky to have the type of job I do. I get to play with kids, hold beautiful newborn babies, watch teenagers blossom into beautiful adults and see the unrequited love that parents and grandparents have for their children and grandchildren. It is not until you become a parent that you experience this type of love. There are times that your children can drive you absolutely mad and you don’t know how you are going to get through this parenting thing – but in a heartbeat you know that you would risk your own life to save your childs’ – that’s unrequited love.

As a photographer there are some sad times – times when someone in the family is dying or has passed away. At these times you cannot put a dollar value on the images we take – they are simply priceless. This is why my job is sooooo important. We may not stitch people back together, teach them how to make millions, build skyscrapers or design software etc. but to me my job is just as important – if not more. As photographers we are the memory banks of our generation – we ensure that families have beautiful images of themselves to remember – not just for today or in the next few years but for decades to come. Even for those generations who may never meet us but will know that we are linked in the chain that is our family.

Christmas is often overtaken with the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, travelling etc. I hope that all of you this Christmas take the time out to relax and enjoy the day with your families. To stop and really look at the riches that you all have in your lives. To make each other feel loved and special because we are all special and unique.

Merry Christmas to you all!



Christmas Portraits – Canberra Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Well it’s that time of year so I thought I’d share a few of the Chrissy Portraits we did at Rodney’s over the weekend. This was a charity fundraiser for the Mitrataa Foundation. We braved the heat and got some gorgeous photos. Enjoy!

Canberra Family Photographer, Christmas Portraits

Canberra Newborn Photographer, Christmas Photos

Canberra Child Photographer, Christmas Photos

Canberra Baby Photographer, Christmas Photos

Canberra Baby Photography, Christmas Photos

Canberra Family Photographer, Christmas Portraits

Canberra Family Photography, Christmas Portraits