Merry Christmas – Canberra Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

What can I say. I’m so lucky to have the type of job I do. I get to play with kids, hold beautiful newborn babies, watch teenagers blossom into beautiful adults and see the unrequited love that parents and grandparents have for their children and grandchildren. It is not until you become a parent that you experience this type of love. There are times that your children can drive you absolutely mad and you don’t know how you are going to get through this parenting thing – but in a heartbeat you know that you would risk your own life to save your childs’ – that’s unrequited love.

As a photographer there are some sad times – times when someone in the family is dying or has passed away. At these times you cannot put a dollar value on the images we take – they are simply priceless. This is why my job is sooooo important. We may not stitch people back together, teach them how to make millions, build skyscrapers or design software etc. but to me my job is just as important – if not more. As photographers we are the memory banks of our generation – we ensure that families have beautiful images of themselves to remember – not just for today or in the next few years but for decades to come. Even for those generations who may never meet us but will know that we are linked in the chain that is our family.

Christmas is often overtaken with the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, travelling etc. I hope that all of you this Christmas take the time out to relax and enjoy the day with your families. To stop and really look at the riches that you all have in your lives. To make each other feel loved and special because we are all special and unique.

Merry Christmas to you all!